Ethical financing

Ethical financing

We are convinced that the relationship of a medium with its readers is based upon trust, which is being built upon the foundation of the truth, journalistic freedom and the values that the medium stands for.

Our editorial policy cannot be influenced by commercial pressure.

Our authors are free to doubt and and to investigate the activity of the companies and other organizations who place advertising on the web pages of Terminal 3.

That is why we insist on transparency in the way in which our medium is financed and towards the persons, who are sponsoring our activities.

Holding on these principles, we adopt these rules for ethical financing –

The sources of financing must:

1) abide by the law;

2) be clearly known to the public;

3) not perform activity that can harm the reputation of the medium;

4) not adhere to extreme religious and political views, must not exercise discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ethnic or religious affiliation;

5) secure good quality workplaces to their employees;

6) not set preconditions concerning the editorial policy and the content of the medium.

The advertisement must:

1) be legal, true and answering to common moral standards;

2) be produced in accordance to the National Ethic Standards for Advertisement and Commercial Communication;

3) not contain threatening, libeling or foul language;

4) not interfere with third person’s basic rights, including his or her right of privacy and intellectual property;

5) not contain deception;

6) not harm the medium’s reputation.

Terminal 3 reserves the right to reject any advertising offer. The medium can specify its own requirements of style, price or presentation of content.