About us

About us

TerminalNO is free and independent media.

Bulgaria is full of impressive people with strong opinions, who often remain isolated, whose reformist voice often is unheard, because they are not direct participants in the political process.

The political process in Bulgaria has been totally compromised and flawed, and that is why these people do not want to be part of it. At the same time, more than ever we are witnessing how every citizen can make a difference.

We shall work to transform the territory into a country.

The media and the media environment are among the most damaged by the pseudo transition to democracy, which didn’t make the reforms happen. The media (in their majority) are not just catering to the oligarchic ambitions of their owners, but are also turned into an instrument for a different type of racketeering – economical, political, social and societal through the smearing and reality counterfeiting that they often engage in.

The exceptions are few and we celebrate their existence. At the moment the social media fill up the need of not so quick but adequate information. This is the reason why there are influential opinion leaders, whose voices are not a subject of censorship and are not altered or muffled by economic or political pressure.

The intention of TerminalNO is to return to the authentic mission of the media – to institutionalize the correct information at the expense of the quick information.

Today the speed of the news is out of and beyond traditional media. Their veracity is a matter of corporate and political manipulation.

Today the most important issue is the precise interpretation of the facts. What is really happening and what is hiding behind a certain event? What event is real? What is a smart or a not so smart manipulation?

Today in Bulgaria there are hundreds and thousands of examples, in which real news does not find a place in traditional media, and the news that really matters is totally underrepresented or worse – totally manipulated with a sole purpose in mind – mass deception.

Terminal 3 gets back to the authentic mission of real media – to give an adequate interpretation of those events that really impact our lives and to give voice to those people, who have something to say, which is backed by real and not made up expertise.

Our cause

Bulgaria is lost without radical reform.

TerminalNO stands for:

  • A reform in the judicial and law enforcement systems in Bulgaria;
  • An educational reform – meaning equal access to education, restoring the dignity of the Bulgarian teacher and modern education;
  • A transparent government, incorporating E-government and Open Data;
  • Electoral reform meaning free and fair elections and Internet voting;
  • Free and independent regulators;
  • Rules, transparency of procedures and real competition in public procurement;
  • Transparency and accountability in the distribution of EU funds;
  • Market economy;
  • Social solidarity;
  • Transparent media ownership;
  • Accepting and promoting the basic values of Europe and the civilised world;

TerminalNO will give tribune to everyone who works for this cause no matter his or her political affiliation. We believe that the way to realize these purposes is through activism and media freedom.


The people who form Editorial Board of Terminal 3 have proven themselves in their corresponding fields of activity.

More than that, everyone has been an active participant in the processes of democratization of the country in his or her professional field, as well as in his or her civic activity. And what is more, everyone of them has been an active participant in the different civic initiatives, which were created and established as a real political factor during and since the summer of 2013. And last, but not least – everyone of them is an opinion leader, and some of them are social media heavyweights.

Yvette Dobromirova – an expert in public communications, with a long career as a journalist in the Bulgarian National Television, founder of a PR agency, media coordinator and speaker of the caretaker government of Marin Raykov.

Yordan Tsalov – Editor in chief of Terminal 3 in 2017 and 2018.

Tchavdar Nikolov – Cartoonist

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